"Thiverval" X Diavel / Krugger Motorcycles

- " Needelss to introduce Fred Krugger in the "motorcycle world". He is a dual World Champion in the Manufacturers category and has been on stage for more than 10 years. The wizard of Basse-Bodeux presents his latest creation. This time, it is Ducati who has been calling on Krugger's services to edit the XDiavel. This multi-vitamin power cruiser has passed under the grinding wheel and at the welding post of the Ardenian artist.

At the Verona Motor Show year, Stefano Tarabusi (Product Manager Ducati) approached Fred and told him that they would like him to transform the XDiavel as a product promotion. Roland Sand was previously asked the same question for the US. Fred would take on the rest of the world ... Krugger got carte blanche but had to stay faithful to the theme of course. In other words, no clip-ons, no other controls and remain the "cruiser" style.

Fred has thus immersed himself in the DNA of the brand to realize a version that is very "corporate" and that gives the impression that it comes straight from the Bologna factory. He also made a full inox spaghetti outlet, typically for a well-known Italian car brand with a horse in its logo ...

Fred, can you tell us some details about the transformation?

"Of course, I wanted to simplify the general line and hide a part of the Ducati trademark, especially the perimetric frame. To give the engine the space it deserves, it had to be a straight and smooth line. So I had two lateral frames made in cast and brushed aluminum. To make the line more aggressive, I lowered the fork bij 50mm to tilt everything slightly to the front. I retained the original headlight because I find it really very successful. I made a backlight in inox and plexi (8 days work). I also made the rear shorter including the two outlets in it. The straight handlebar and the comfortable seat with detachable cover at the rear that allows you to ride with a passenger, contribute to the "cruiser" allure of the machine. I have used the "medium" footrests (new accessory for the XDiavel) to bring the legs back slightly without turning it into a race position. Producing the saddle and the reservoir involved a lot of bodywork and precision welding, because I also wanted to reposition all the electronics in the saddle.

This machine is undoubtedly a "Krugger", do you recognize your "signature" in the design?
Absolutely. The general line shows what I love most. Refine as much as possible, make the lines softer and pay close attention to the finish. I have the reputation of doing a "more proper job than the manufacturers", so I have to live up to that ! When I look at the motorcycle, I get the impression that it could come from straight from Ducati's factory.

You did not put your name on the motorcycle?
Yes I did, but very discreet, just a small plate in the center of the steering wheel. That's more than enough.

You remained very sober in your color choice?
Actually, the overall line of this machine is quite complicated. By choosing black, I could really stay in the atmosphere of the original XDiavel S and I immediately had the advantage of simplifying the overall impression of the line.

Thiverval is the name of the motorcycle. Can you explain that?
I've always used a name of a circuit somewhere in the world for my creations. Herewith I throw a little wink to my friend Zed (editor of Freeway) who recently passed away. It is a small circuit in Yvelines which Zed appreciated very much).

Once again Krugger casts his vision and his motoculture on this Belgian / Italian realization. A perfect interpretation that only reinforces the image of the dual world champion of Manufacturers.

Once is not enough though and to go against the ancient saying "a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country", it is in Spa that this motorcycle will be revealed in world premiere during the Bikers'Classics on July 1st and 2nd . Belgium celebrates ! Thanks Fred ! " -

Seat coating : Will Hog - Italy
Painting : Carrosserie Counotte - Pepinster - Belgium
Decoration : Signtec - Malmédy - Belgium

- Photos : Thierry Dricot 
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